Coaching With Me

Empowerment is a practice that begins from within.

Empowerment is a practice that begins from within.

The best athletes and business people in the world have personal coaches to encourage, inspire and keep them focused on fulfilling their potential. Wherever you are right now in your life is OK. It's only a temporary stepping stone on the way to where you want to be. Nothing limits you. You get to set the rules for yourself!

My passion is to reawaken within you a memory of who you truly are and to assist you in returning to your knowing that you are blessed and loved; to the state of “I-can-do-it”, “all is well-ness” and of optimism and positive expectation that everything is going well for you.

You are beautifully unique and I believe you naturally have everything you need inside of you, so I seek to help you find answers and solutions that come from within you. I provide new objective perspectives and frameworks. I serve as a mirror in which you can more clearly see yourself.

With Yes! Yes! Yes! Coaching you will:

  • gain clarity on what you truly want (exploring what brings YOU joy, not what you think you “should" want or what anyone else wants for you) and start activating that NOW;

  • become aware of and release the habitual thoughts and struggle keep that keep what you truly want from being in your experience;

  • incorporate new ways of thinking and feeling that make you a match to your desire;

  • practice paying attention to your guidance and achieve an understanding of when you are moving toward or away from your heart’s desire;

  • consciously choose ways of being that keep you in alignment with who you really are and what you really want.

You’ll go through this process of self-empowerment with personalized support from me, designed to help you create a life you love where you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Attraction Coaching
supports clients in consciously creating all aspects of their life. I offer :

  • Telephone and e-mail coaching. Each month we’ll meet by phone four times for approximately 60 minute sessions with unlimited e-mail support between sessions. In addition, I encourage you to call me if you’ve got a burning question or you’d like to celebrate a success.

  • Coaching on Demand. This is a great option if monthly coaching isn’t your thing or doesn’t fit in your current budget. Or if we’ve already worked together and you’d like to talk to someone who is focused solely on you to get an objective perspective, this can also be a way to raise your vibration and be reminded that “this stuff really works”. It’s also an opportunity to try out coaching for first time-timers

Fees vary from $85 for a one-time session to $325 for full monthly support, with discounts available when you commit to two or three months.

Remember: There are plenty of solutions and answers to what you desire.
Your job
is to focus on what you really want and why you want it.
The Universe’s job is to create the how, when, where and who through Law of Attraction.

My Coaching Style is warm, joyful, practical, intuitive, uplifting and direct. It is essence based and fluid, because so is life. You are welcome to bring to the call anything that you might be dealing with.

My work with you is greatly influenced by the Abraham-Hicks teachings. They are the most wonderful reminders of what I’ve always known in my heart.

Let the magic begin!

Thank you for visiting my website!!

Flavia Daay
San Mateo, California