Client Reviews

As always, I appreciate you for enriching, focusing, and broadening my world. I am so thankful to have met you.
— Janna Beatty, Image Consultant & Owner of UR. Company, Waco, TX
Thank you, beautiful clients!

Thank you, beautiful clients!

Yes, Yes, Yes! Flavia you’re the greatest coach! Your encouragement and understanding helped me accomplish easily, what seemed to be a monumental goal. You have a way of challenging me, but always in a respectful and loving way, and that takes skill. I enjoyed all of our sessions immensely, and the ideas and energy flowing between us was really juicy. Thank you!”
— Carmen Mays, Owner of Home Suite Home, Austin, TX
I wanted to thank you for your meeting with me every week over the phone for my Law of Attraction coaching. I am continually amazed at how powerful it is simply to set aside the time for something purely for me and my growth. It feels so good to know I have a coach, someone who’s on my team and who wants nothing more than my complete happiness. I have never been to a psychologist but I think it may feel the same, although instead of looking at and talking about all of my problems I get to talk about what I like, what brings me joy, how to do more of what I enjoy and how to live in a constant state of joy. My experience has been amazing; I have even overcome some issues in my life which were wonderful revelations. Thank you!
— Christine, Cedar Park, TX
Flavia is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I’ve ever come across. She has such a deep intuitive understanding of deliberate creation and utilizing the Law of Attraction beneficially, it’s obvious spiritual life coaching is what she was born to do. Her manner is uplifting, soothing and engaging, while enthusiastically embracing fun and happiness. Flavia has helped me with my business immensely, by framing things in a fresh, positive light. Wise beyond her years, Flavia is a joy to have in my life.
— Kelly Blanscet, Austin,TX Graphic Designer & Owner of Graphic Granola
You have an amazing power: you see the full potential of people even before they become aware of it. What I like most about you is your soothing voice; you see the uniqueness of each individual soul and manage to speak to the inspire me. Thank you for being so caring and attentive, for all the smiles you put on my face...I feel blessed for knowing someone like you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
— Andrea
You are the BEST spiritual advisor I have found in this physical reality so far! What an amazing Coach you are! Thank you so much!
— Taye, Cedar Park, TX
I love that you’re always so positive and enthusiastic. Somehow you manage to share this so altruistically and lovingly you’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.
— A.
Flavia, who is wise beyond her years, is an excellent and reliable source of support. She is intelligent, loving, upbeat and positive and will give you a deeper understanding of Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction.
— E.